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I find that I miss blogging. Since I returned to a full time job off the ranch, in addition to my normal ranch and home chores, it has been difficult to spend the time putting down my thoughts. Often I will be out working with the alpacas and think, “this would be a great story”, but the words never make it to paper. As yet another year draws to a close; I thought I would post once more.

This year, as I began a new decade in my life, I find myself slowing down and lacking the energy and stamina I used to have. I still manage to get things done but I am looking forward to a little rest afterwards. It is time to think about (and work toward) downsizing. I love our alpaca herd but a few less of them would make the chores easier and would take a little less time.

When I look at the group I wonder which ones I would miss too much if they were no longer in the barn. I remember the ones who have already gone to new homes and I still miss most of them. Knowing where they are and that they are all loved and cared for makes it easier. Each alpaca has such a unique personality and each touches me differently. I find they seem to pick their new owners as much as the new owners pick them.

There are those I call my “special needs” alpacas. Jasper was a preemie and we worked so hard to help him gain weight and grow. He is 3 now and holds his own with the older boys. Gentry is nicknamed “Twitch” because his eyes and nose have twitched since he was born. It doesn’t bother him and he has no other issues. He fights his way into the feeding frenzy and will even start a fight with one of the older boys if he feels like pushing his limits. One of our ladies has a twisted foot; we think it was a shearing injury. One young girl was acting goofy jumping around and twisted a leg so, every now and then, you can see her favor it. Another always seems to get injured and we seem to be treating a poked eye or a wound of some sort. Why things always happen to him is a mystery. They would all need a special, caring heart, to make a home for them.

I guess the bottom line is I wish I could keep them all, but I know that is not practical. The oldest ones will age along with me and I am glad to have them live out their lives in my pastures. The others I will make available to others who want the wonderful experience of raising these great creatures. I have never regretted bringing them to our ranch and I know there are people who would make great alpaca shepherds.

So as I leave my barn for another day, I am thankful for all the joy, laughter, hugs and antics my alpacas have given me. Smiling, I head back to the house for a restful evening; looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.



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