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Have you ever gotten one of those Christmas cards showing a house surrounded by snow? The windows are lighted and you feel like you are standing in the distance looking in. You know it is cold outside where you are standing and the house looks so warm and inviting. That image comes to mind on these cold, dark winter mornings when I am out working in the barn.

My day begins before sunrise. I turn the barn lights on so I can see to clean and feed the alpacas. Before I leave them I will often take some hay out into the pastures for them to eat on during the day (providing there is no snow or rain in the forecast). As I turn to head back to the barn I see the lighted door openings; it looks so inviting. Not as warm as that Christmas home but a bit warmer then standing out in the pasture.

I sometimes stop, look up into the starry sky and think how fortunate I am. Yes, the mornings can be very cold and cleaning up muck is not glamorous, but spotting Mars, Venus or even Jupiter and a familiar constellation is remarkable. On mornings like today I even get the splash of color across the sky as the sun begins to come up, it makes the cold a little more bearable. The hum of the alpacas always reminds me that the effort is worth it. So, until spring arrives, I will bask in the warm glow of my barn.

Basking in the warm glow of the barn.

Basking in the warm glow of the barn.


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