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My Color is Green

As I was driving into work this morning I heard the phrase “color your house”. Living in rural Missouri and it being summer I looked around and saw lots of green, all different shades of green. I like the color green; it symbolizes “life” to me. New growth, healthy growth, and abundance of growth; life in multi shades of green.

A few years ago Missouri was in drought conditions. It wasn’t just lack of rain in August it was a major drought. The trees were dropping their leaves, the lush pastures were burned up and brown. Acres and acres of dead grasses spread out as far as I could see. My heart ached to see things so dry. Cattle were being sold off as the hay crop had burned up and there wasn’t enough available feed for them. The drought affected states around Missouri as well. Bird hatch-lings were dying, young squirrels and raccoon and other animals were suffering. The scene was sad.

Fortunately our drought didn’t last more than throughout the year and by next spring the rains returned and the earth began to heal. Green sprouts were shooting up and smiles appeared everywhere. Green had returned to our ranch. It is amazing that green life can go dormant and just doesn’t die forever. Our fields and forests were full and lush again.

When we built our alpaca barn we trimmed it with green metal. The panels for the pen are green, the feed buckets are green … it seems my color was green even before the drought. Even my logo is based on green. I love the look of full green trees and have since I was a child. I could sit and watch the wind blow through them for hours. There is a peace that comes from sitting on my deck and viewing the national forest that surrounds my ranch. I am happiest when my world is green.

What a View

What a View!


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